S-265 and S-266 Hydraulic Structures (W912EP-17-R-0006)

  • S-265 and S-266 Hydraulic Structures (W912EP-17-R-0006)
  • S-265 and S-266 Hydraulic Structures (W912EP-17-R-0006)

Project Description

The work includes in-place abandonment and removal of the existing Herbert Hoover Dike Culverts KI-1 and KI-2, respectively, and the construction of new water control structures S-266 and S-265 at the respective adjacent or existing locations. The structures will include cast-in-place reinforced concrete foundations, headwalls, and box culverts. Combination flap/slide gates will be installed at the lakeside headwall of each structure and dual leaf gates on the landside headwall of S-265 and S-266. S-266 will be constructed adjacent to (north of) the existing KI-1 structure, and will only require installation of an earthen cofferdam on the lakeside in order to dewater the construction site. The existing canal at KI-1 will be back filled and the structure will be grouted and abandoned in place upon completion of S-266. S-266 will consist of two (2) 7-foot by 7-foot culverts with approximate barrel lengths of 100 feet. Demolition/ reconstruction efforts for S-265 will require installation of earthen cofferdams on both lakeside and landside in order to dewater the demolition/construction site. S-265 will consist of one (1) 6-foot by 6-foot culvert with approximate barrel length of 100 feet. At the completion of the embankment reconstruction at each structure, the crest elevation shall be as shown on the drawings. A control building will be installed on the lakeside work platform at each structure. Work also includes operation of the by-pass structure (at KI-1), operation of by-pass pumping (at S-265), grassing and turbidity monitoring.

Task/Experience Description

Developed complete bid estimate (AACE Class 1 Estimate) for general contractor.


United States Army Corp of Engineers (USACE)
Best Value
USACE Engineers, Florida S-265 and S-266 Hydraulic Structures for flood control.
$ 31 million
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Category: Environmental, Heavy Civil, Water Resources