Change Management


Our team of professionals have experience in supporting clients from the early stage of construction through completion with changer order review, independent cost estimating and contractor negotiations.

Our in-depth knowledge of construction methods, productivity analysis and access to market pricing sets us apart from other consultants. Our professionals can discern from the complexities what the fair and reasonable pricing should be.

This experience has been gained from years of working in large capital programs where it is not uncommon to encounter thousands or change order request, change directives and claims.

Our Services


Change Management as defined by AACE “… refers to the process of managing any change to the scope of work and/or any deviation, performance trend, or change to an approved or baseline project control plan. The change management process is used to approve or disapprove changes in the scope and baseline plans, thereby closing the project control cycle loop”. This process is at the heart of our team’s specialization by having reviewed thousands of change orders in a fair and reasonable way.


Our estimators prepare independent cost estimates that can challenge the contractor’s proposal on a line-by-line approach, demonstrating the reasonableness of production rates, material, labor and equipment costs. The scope is thoroughly analyzed, contract clauses are reviewed, and the end product is a negotiated value that can stand the scrutiny of any audit.

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